Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+ comes with a wide variety of great features, making this brand-new flagship vacuum exceed expectations. With its powerful base station, strong vacuuming and mopping performance, agile obstacle avoidance, and intelligent interaction, it can effortlessly address all your floor cleaning needs. Now you can enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience with the Xiaomi X20+.

With high-speed rotation, the mop pads satisfy all your floor cleaning needs by effectively by removing coffee stains, dirt, water, and other spills in the living room and kitchen areas. This versatile robot vacuum mop can also intelligently lift the mop pads to avoid secondary floor contamination.

Thanks to its advanced navigation system it comes with accurate environment perception and intelligent path planning. With millimetre-level perception, it can avoid obstacles as nimbly as a cat. Equipped with the S-Cross™ wide-area structured light obstacle avoidance system, the vacuum can detect and avoid low obstacles with wide-angle perception, even in low-light conditions.

Its LDS laser navigation creates a 360° whole house scan for intelligently planned cleaning. The LDS laser navigation system creates an accurate 360° scan of the indoor environment, quickly building a detailed home layout. With intelligent planning, the cleaning route is optimised for highly efficient and thorough cleaning.

Control the vacuum remotely and personalise cleaning with the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home app. Even when you’re away from home you can control it remotely. Tell it to clean the living room, bedroom, or kitchen floors with just a click in the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home app and start vacuuming and mopping immediately.

Please note Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.


-Advanced LDS navigation system
-Dual rotating mop pads for deeper cleaning
-6000Pa powerful suction fan blower
-5200mAh battery capacity
-Auto mop lifting
-Includes All-in-one Station
-Auto self-cleaning, self-emptying, air drying
-Support for Google Assistant and Alexa


-Robot Vacuum
-Rated Voltage: 14.4V
-Rated Power: 75W
-Navigation System: LDS
-Obstacle Avoidance: Yes
-Auto Mop Washing: Yes
-Auto Dust Emptying: Yes
-Auto-lifting Mop Pads: Yes
-Air Drying: Yes
-Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
-Powerful Suction Fan Blower: 6000Pa
-Dust Box Capacity of Sweeper: 350ml
-Fresh/Dirty Water Tank: 4L/4L
-Disposable Dust Bag: 2.5L
-APP: Track Cleaning Progress, Selected Room Cleaning, Zoned cleaning, Virtual Wall, Multi-floor Maps, 4 cleaning modes
-Google/Alexa Support: Yes
-Product Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 9.7 cm
-Product Weight: 3670g
-All-in-one Station
-Rated Input: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
-Rated Output: 20V⎓1A
-Power (during dust emptying): 1000W
-Power (during cleaning): 30W
-Power (air-drying + charging): 30W
-Product Dimensions: 58.6 x 42.7 x 34 cm


-Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+ – White x1
-All-in-one Station x1
-Brush x1
-Dust Compartment x1
-Filter x1 (pre-installed)
-Side Brush x1
-Cord Set x1
-Mop Pad Holder x2
-Mop Pad x2 (pre-installed)
-User Manual x1


-Weight : 17100 g
-Dimensions : 48.1 × 39.2 × 65 cm
-Brand : Xiaomi
-Colour : White
-EAN : 6941812768556
-Warranty : 12 Months

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+


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