Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2


Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 features smart control with support for the Mi Home app, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This allows you to control the fan with your voice for a hands-free smart experience.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 features two layers of fan blades that rotate simultaneously. This gives you increased airflow for more powerful cooling and with its wider reach, the dual blades also provide a more gentle three-dimensional breeze. You can easily switch between natural breeze or direct blow with fan speeds ranging from anything between 1 and 100 for fine-tuning. This can all be done in the Mi Home app, to achieve your desired airflow.

The Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 uses a DC copper-wire motor, which has higher operating efficiency and longer service life than an aluminium-wire motor. It also provides constant speed for more stable ventilation and lowers power consumption. To top it all off its wing-shaped blades produce a maximum airflow of 20mΒ³/min.

The Fan is also very versatile, allowing for usage that is perfect for any room. Its innovative design allows you simply press a button to easily adjust the height of the stand. This allows you to place it on top of a table or on the floor for convenience.

Its ultra-wide angle of 140Β° provides great ventilation and can increase airflow. This adjustable wide-angle ventilation with a maximum range of 14m is able to cool the room for the whole family.

With its smooth-running brushless DC motor and dual fan blades, the fan has been optimized to deliver an exceptionally quiet and disturbance-free experience. Thanks to a minimal operating noise of as little as 30.2dB(A), the Fan 2 can be as quiet as spending some time in a library.


-Voice Control – Google Assistant, Mi Home and Alexa Support
-Dual Blades – Surround Yourself with a Natural Breeze
-DC Motor – Reducing Power Consumption
-14m Range – Long-range Ventilation
-100 Levels – Fine Wind Speed Adjustment
-Table and Floor – Place it Wherever You Like
-140Β° Ventilation – Cools The Whole Room
-Silent All Night – Noise as Low as 30.2 dB(A)


-Airflow: 20mΒ³/min
-Noise emission: ≀58dB(A)
-Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
-Rated voltage: 100–240V
-Rated power: 15W
-Model Authorization Number: CMIIT ID 2017DP7231 Radio transmission module
-Dimensions: 34.3 Γ— 33 Γ— 100 cm
-Weight: 3000g


-Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 – White x1

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Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2


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