EcoFlow River Pro Extra Battery

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EcoFlow River Pro Extra Battery

-Double Capacity From 720Wh to 1440Wh
-Power a Wide Range Of Appliances
-Compact And Portable
-Lithium-Ion Battery
-24 Month Warranty
-Warning: Only works with EcoFlow River Pro

The RIVER Pro Extra Battery attaches to the RIVER Pro to double the capacity of the unit from 720Wh to 1440Wh. This provides a cost-effective way to upgrade the RIVER Pro’s capacity.

Get more capacity

Plug in the additional battery and double RIVER Pro’s capacity to 1440Wh from 720Wh. A great addition if you’re looking to power higher-wattage devices for longer.

Power more devices

With RIVER Pro’s X-Boost mode you can power devices up to 1800W. This should cover you for almost all your appliances and some power tools too.

Take power with you

Lightweight, compact and complete with a carrying handle, take your extra battery with you with ease. Small enough to store in a garage, fit in the boot of a car or to take with you on a camping trip, you can rest assured you’ll have an abundance of power no matter where you are.


Life Cycles: 800
Gross Weight: 8.8 kg
Net Weight: 7.3 kg
Length / Depth: 31 cm
Width: 36 cm
Height: 26 cm
Battery Technology: NCM Li-Ion
Battery Capacity (Watt Hours): 1440 Wh
Warning: Only works with EcoFlow River Pro

-1 x EcoFlow River Battery




EcoFlow River Pro Extra Battery


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